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Shared Vision

There is proactive leadership and administrative support from the entire system.

  • Customizing Your Technology Assessment
    Three school districts (South Huntington; North Lawrence Community School; and Kyrene) have developed and carried out a technology assessment. Here is a description of assessments and lessons learned.
  • Get Started On Our Site: Principals
    A collection of articles related to the role of the principals in school change and reform.
  • Project VIEW
    Project VIEW, a Federal Technology Innovation Challenge Grant is led by the Schenectady City School District. This program is designed to open the classroom door so that students and teachers can engage in an array of learning opportunities by utilizing interactive education technology which accesses content-rich resources, activities and the exchange of ideas.
  • is a free service from Oracle designed for teachers. After registering, services include a place to build a school website; tools for conducting on-line discussions; integrated e-mail designed for a school; and administrative tools.