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The Preservice Technology Infusion Network is a catalog of resources addressing education reform through technology infusion in teacher training. These resources have been developed by GCU, the Great Cities Universities working with ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education.

Dimensions of Preservice Technology Infusion

These dimensions are a merging of two initiatives. The International Society for Technology in Education's "Essential Conditions for Teacher Preparation" provide the basic structure for this network. To this structure, the Great Cities' Universities Urban Educator Corps, under its PT3 Project, is adding the dimension of digital equity, listed both as a separate dimension and infused throughout. If you are just beginning to learn about this field then these categories should help you address your basic needs.

  1. Shared Vision
    There is proactive leadership and administrative support from the entire system.
  2. Access
    Educators have access to current technologies, software, and telecommunications networks.
  3. Skilled Educators
    Educators are skilled in the use of technology for learning.
  4. Professional Development
    Educators have consistent access to professional development in support of technology use in teaching and learning.
  5. Technical Assistance
    Educators have technical assistance for maintaining and using the technology.
  6. Content Standards and Curriculum Resources
    Educators are knowledgeable in their subject matter and current in the content standards and teaching methodologies in their discipline.
  7. Student-Centered Teaching
    Teaching in all settings encompasses student-centered approaches to learning.
  8. Assessment
    There is continuous assessment of the effectiveness of technology for learning.
  9. Community Support
    The community and school partners provide expertise, support, and resources.
  10. Support Policies
    School and university policies, financing, and rewards structures are in place to support technology in learning.
  11. Digital Equity
    Equitable access to learning technology resources for all learners.

As your needs become more specific you may want to start browsing the card catalog to find more narrowly focused sets of resources. We recommend that you take our tour before you begin.