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Professional Development

Educators have consistent access to professional development in support of technology use in teaching and learning.

  • AskA + Locator
    The AskA+ Locator is a database of high-quality "AskA" services designed to link students, teachers, parents and other K-12 community members with experts on the Internet.
  • COATT Tech Tips
    A quarterly newsgroup with information and resources for teachers, student teachers, and university supervisors. Sponsored by the Consortium for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching with Technology.
  • Education With New Technologies
    This networked community is designed to help educators develop powerful learning experiences for students through the effective integration of new technologies. Through this ENT website, one has access to thoughtful colleagues, interactive tools, detailed examples of technology-enhanced education, and a valuable collection of on-line resources.
  • Ideas for Staff Development
    This website is an example of how a school system can provide resources and links to other resources, to help staff development leaders plan.
  • National Institute for Community Innovations
    The mission of NICI is to foster local economic and social well-being through educational innovation. Contains resources related to equity, higher education, banks, business, K-12 schools, libraries, and technology.
  • NETS Digital Video Library
    The DVL is a web-based learning resources of lesson activities drawn from the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Students and Teachers curriculum books.
  • Project VIEW
    Project VIEW, a Federal Technology Innovation Challenge Grant is led by the Schenectady City School District. This program is designed to open the classroom door so that students and teachers can engage in an array of learning opportunities by utilizing interactive education technology which accesses content-rich resources, activities and the exchange of ideas.
  • Project Vism: Visualization in Science and Mathematics
    The Integrated Science and Technology program at James Madison University, with the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation is designed to get more teachers and students interested and enthused about using data visualization to learn more about math and science.
  • Teaching Diverse Learners (TDL)
    Teaching Diverse Learners is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of teachers to work effectively and equitably with all students. It includes information about Teaching and Learning Strategies; Assessment; Policy; Strategies for working with families, and organizations.
  • The Futures Channel
    The FUTURES Channel is a content service for educators in any setting. It gives users direct access to video, sound, image and print resources.
  • WebQuest Training Materials
    This page lists a variety of resources that can be used to teach about WebQuests, both to preservice and inservice teachers. It includes links to courses and papers written about WebQuests.
  • What Professional Development Structures Best Affect Classroom Instruction?
    Over the last decade, a large body of research has accumulated that examines the effectiveness of professional development experiences. Work done for the National Partnership for Excellence and Accountability in Teaching (NPEAT) identified nine general principles from these studies.